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Kit carburator

Guido Ferluga

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@Guido FerlugaHere is another option for you. Please read the reply I got from Daytona paying particular attention to the accelerator pump?

John!  We also make our own basic repair kit for the Carter BBR-1 Weasel military carburetor.  The original Leather is a "chromed" leather ( a special process to add extended use for the leather, resulting in a purplish color).  This is the best you can do for any type of gasoline, E10 or otherwise.  The issue with any accelerator pump is the continual contact with gasoline.  Any carb accel pump will not give good service in applications that are continually setting and drying out, regardless of the carb make and model!  This is just the way it is.  Leather pumps will give excellent service, as well as more modern flurocarbon rubber pump cups, as long as they stay immersed in gasoline.  When they set and dry out, the leather shrinks and it must be re-immersed in gas for a few minutes before use, to expand to their original working diameter in the pump well.  So, to help with this problem, you can simply change the method you use to restart an engine that has set for a few weeks: DO NOT immediately start pumping the accelerator pedal when re-starting the engine. Just crank the engine over, for say 15-20 seconds, to allow the fuel pump to fill the bowl of the carb with gas.  Then let it set for at least 10 minutes.  This will allow the fresh fuel in the bowl to also fill the pump chamber and allow the leather to re-expand to its normal working diameter. This method, with any leather pump, will allow it to give you much longer service life. When the leather on the pump shrinks it is not in contact with the sidewall of the pump well; when the engine starts, the vacuum actuated accel pump in the Weasel carb preloads the leather portion upwards, and when accellerating, vacuum drops on the piston head of the pump, and the spring causes the pump to move downward and discharge a shot of fuel.  If the leather portion has not had time to soak up fuel and expand in the pump well, the force against the liquid fuel will cause the leather to "roll over" and ruin the pump.  This is a common cause of leather pump failure; not because the leather is not good, but it cannot do its job is it is not fully expanded and sealed against the side wall of the pump well.  So, a little patience can greatly extend the useful life of any leather pump. Our part #156A is made for the Weasel carburetors.  This item costs $10 ea + shipping to AUS.  I hope some of the information helps you, and if you are still not sure of the above explanation, let me know.
Thank You!




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@Guido FerlugaThis may help you as well. A copy of the parts list that came out of a NOS OEM carburettor repair kit. Also see if you can find a spare carburettor fuel filter, buy it. See picture. They are very fragile and in my case the retaining thread broke in half when I was removing it. One last item to find is the baffle that goes between the carburettor and the intake manifold. Sometimes missing. Cheers

Weasel Carby 002.jpg


Weasel Carby Page 2.pdf Weasel Carby Page 1.pdf

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