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What I found on a Weasel hunt


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After I bought my Weasel, a friend informed me of one that was sitting in an old, abandoned shed that I should go check out. It has supposably been there for over 50 years up on blocks!

I decided to take a day and go see what I would find. It turned out to be an interesting find so I will break this down int a few posts so I can comment on some of the photos I took. 


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I knew I was getting close when I came upon my first weasel parts, 2 sets of float tanks and some other hull pieces. One of the rear sections even still has both rudders.

Does anyone recognize what appears to be a heated battery box?

I didn't see any side skits, but I didn't dig around or under things. who knows what is all in this pile? I did look inside the floats and there seems to be hardly any rust or damage. 







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Shortly after I found the shed and weasel. The mag was in the box on the hood.

The tracks and hull look in great shape, it even still has the front 2 skirt support rods. the tranny, driveline, and clutch assembly are missing. It looks like some was in mid clutch repair and just quit working on it.

the only major damage to the hull was a big dent in the rear.

My camara was acting up so some picks of the drivers compartment and data plates didn't turn out.   










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5 minutes ago, OZM29C said:

@aktrapperbrad What an Amazing find especially the float gear. In particular small hard to find pieces of weasel jewellery like the track apron braces that are still in place. The heated battery box was part of an Arctic heater kit fitted post war to weasels.586043041_standbyheatersmall.thumb.jpg.1c73d0e63c6dec6f47c9f95ea161e0de.jpg

the box I found is not the same, as in your pic. it only has the 1 lid and has a curved portion on the outside

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The back story is that it was the location of a small, remote, summer maintenance site for the Fed. road commission that was abandoned at statehood. closed for the winter of 58, Alaska became a state in Jan. of 59 so just got left as it was.

Here are a few other pics of thigs I found. Lots of new parts still in their original shiping crates.

I think these are front axles for early 40's dodge powerwagons. 




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Well done. Plenty of good and hard to find parts.     That looking through piles is a great part of the story. Or when you find those parts you can really use. That arctic top would be helpful in harsh weather. Good luck with this find. I wish the best for you, that it all works out. 

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After a month of lots of phone calls and record searches, I have finally gotten permission to salvage the parts and working on a price for the hull 😀, unfortunately the weather has turned to mostly rain so I haven't had much of a chance to recover much.  I was able to spend half a day collecting smaller parts with the 4-wheeler. It is too wet to get a truck in to the site without tearing the trail up. logistics in Alaska can be such a pain. 

I hope that it quits raining and dries up before the snow hits. I want to get the Float tanks out yet this year.

I forgot to put new batts in the camara, so I didn't get many.









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yep, unfortunately my T24 needs a clutch cable so until that gets fixed, I am resorting to other means.

While going through stuff, the only things I couldn't find were side skirts and front surf Shield, otherwise there are 2 sets of almost everything else, most in great shape. The plan is to keep the best parts and sell or trade the other set, so if anyone is looking for some good floater gear let me know.

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I decided to make another trip to gather more parts and hoping there might be a clutch cable there, no luck on a cable but was able to get a set of floats that had lots of jewelry still attached😁

I figure 2 more trips and I should have all the weasel parts and only the hull left to recover. There appears to be a weasel block and head there, I'm wondering if it's worth retrieving, also lots of GM 6cy NOS parts,

Here are a few pics of the goodies collected so far.











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@aktrapperbradWhat a brilliant stash of parts that you have discovered. Thanks for sharing your story. I do hope that you will aspire to become a member of the 'Floater' Weasel fraternity😀. I believe that all parts are worth salvaging. They simply don't make these parts any more. The float tank that you have are very repairable. Well done👍

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