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M29 ORD #1005

Patrick Tipton

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Greetings guys.  Been having a blast with the M29.  The LAR tracks are outstanding and all of the other systems are working as designed.

I need to do a little patching under the gas tank and my plastic gas tank is just so-so.

I did a very quick and dirty paint job to bring it back to original white camo.  I have the prints for the camo (thanks @James Di Giovanni) - very fun thing to paint.  I used the old "eyecrometer" so not exactly to plans but good enough at this point.

My next objective is to get this machine steering with fingertip control.  I have NOS brake linings - next up for replacement.  It steers pretty well, but i have seen better so that is what I am shooting for here.



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Patrick, That is great news that you are pleased with the LAR tracks. It is a well made unit. Keep us informed. Will you tension them a little less than the other tracks? I would be curious to find if the sprockets wear better with this set up. My feeling is that on snow the sprockets would favor the lubricating characteristics of the wet environment. It is encouraging that things are moving along.

ps. I was told to stay off of big rocks about 3” in diameter or larger. That can damage and bend grousers. Probably same with original tracks. 

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@F-D Zernia - so far, I have them about as tight.  They are running pretty well.  Most tracked vehicle have "front wheel" drive.....makes the entry angles for the sprockets much closer to 90 degrees and I think means you can run looser tracks without having a skipping problem.  With the rear sprocket drive on the Weasel, the first tooth contacting the track moving forward is at a pretty good angle so the forces want to push the track away from the sprocket/idler.  The only "fix" tight tracks.

I am really playing with the steering linkages and adjustments to make this Weasel turn with very little pressure.  I still have a bit to go, but I am making progress!



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