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Advice needed to install OEM Bogey wheel seals


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Is there a special technique to stop the lip of an OEM leather bogey wheel seal rolling in on itself when assembling the bogey wheel?

I have had the seals soaking in oil for about two days before trying to install them. I have kneeded the leather to make it more supple. I have placed the seal on a size for size mandrell to try and stretch the leather before fitting So far none of these actions have met with success. I think that I will fit the modern CR seal if I can't find a solution to this problem.



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Hi John

What is your thinking regarding the new version seal versus the old leather style? I recently went through some bogey refurbishment and like the CR seals better than the old leather ones. I have numerous old style seals and never saw one do as you show in your picture. My understanding .when installing the new seals is the lip faces out.


Bogie info Dec18.pdf

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Here is a photo of the special installation tool I made to install the OEM bogey wheel seals to prevent the seal lip from rolling back. I will post photos of this tool in use when I have enough hardware together to assemble another bogey wheel set. I had to come up with something to install the OEM leather seals as I was quoted $536.80 for a replacement set of 32 CR12391 seals.

21 April 2020.JPG

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Here's where it pays to exercise a bit of caution. Don't let the bogey wheel disengage from the seal or else the seal has to be removed from the bearing carrier and the whole process starts again. Having said that a tiny bit of slack is needed to remove the split collar.


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You did put these seals in the right way ( which is the wrong way for most other applications ) right...?

I can't tell from the photos ....the "lip" of the seal should point out of the hub towards the bogie wheel.......and the back part with the rubber/leather seal should be on the inside.

This is backwards from the way most seals are installed. On most applications the seal keeps the grease/oil in and water/dirt out. On the Weasel the seal is supposed to let grease out when it is pumped into the bearings and housing. This is to allow the new grease to push water out of the housing/bearings when the vehicle is driven or swam in water. This was part of the after-swimming PM on the vehicle.

See TM 9-1772, page 243 for an example.


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I for one really appreciate this bit of education. It makes perfect sense regarding which way to properly install the seals. Thanks Oz! I also did a bit of poking around online and found this;  https://www.motionindustries.com/shoppingCart.jsp?BUS_ACTION=review. While the Aussie Dollar differs from the U.S. Dollar, I think this price of $336.00 is fairly reasonable for 32 seals. 

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