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Pleeeaase don't use chain to repair your tracks. I am 75% finished with my track rebuild for my M-29. I can help you with a replacement for the broken bands that is 3 times stronger than the original design that will closely resemble the original band. Dave.

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Dave - No intent on using chain.  Patrick and I talked about that earlier this week and that is one of several things I absolutely will not do.  The tracks became my deterrent thus the reason its back outside as everything else on the little beast I believe to mostly within reach.  I also have a complete set of water paddles for these tracks, I'll try to get some pictures of them posted. 

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Hi Tom and Everyone

Your hull looks great'Tom!  I wish mine was as far along. Decade of sitting out in the open caused extensive rust on the rear of the machine mostly to one side. The good thing is most of the jewelry was still on it. One track is off in these photos but I do have it . It has one broken band. I am going to restore it as well as the sled that was also with the machine. I have attached photos of the recovery.

IMG_0857 resize.jpg

IMG_0858 resize.jpg

IMG_0859 resize.jpg

IMG_0860 resize.jpg

IMG_0861 resize.jpg

IMG_0862 resize.jpg

IMG_0863 resize.jpg

IMG_0864 resize.jpg

IMG_0865 resize.jpg

IMG_0866 resize.jpg

IMG_0867 resize.jpg

IMG_0868 resize.jpg

IMG_0744 resize.jpg

IMG_0745 resize.jpg

IMG_0746 resize.jpg

IMG_0747 resize.jpg

IMG_0829 resize.jpg

IMG_0830 resize.jpg

IMG_0831 resize.jpg

IMG_0832 resize.jpg

IMG_0836 resize.jpg

IMG_0837 resize.jpg

IMG_0838 resize.jpg

IMG_0853 resize.jpg

IMG_0854 resize.jpg

IMG_0855 resize.jpg

IMG_0856 resize.jpg




Weasel sled 1.jpg

Weasel sled 2.jpg

Weasel sled 3.jpg

Weasel sled 4.jpg

Weasel sled 5.jpg









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Is #708 the ORD/MFG number for your T-15 ?

Tom and M29.....would you guys be so kind as to give me your ORD/MFG and USA numbers for your T-15's ?

I would like to add them to my lists as I only have 5 T-15's on it right now.

I will then look in my list of photos and documents and see if I have anything on them.  I have over 280 T-15 vehicles in the data/photo list and most are keyed to the ORD/MFG numbers.

You can post it here or contact me directly at jgilmore@ptd.net

Jim Gilmore

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Hi Jim 

I have sent you a couple emails regarding my T15. there was some issue with my hull # needing clarification see letter. 


Can you check the ORD and MFG numbers again? They should be the same number. Could the ORD number be 508? The ORD number cannot be 908 as they only made 766 T-15's. Send me a photo of the data plate if possible.

Also.....re-check the USA number again. # 40148630 is a T-24 number. It should be 4048??? and not 40148???..... The USA number should be 7 digits and not 8 for this MFG number vehicle. It should start with 4048..... The 4048630 is to high for this vehicle and I think it may be lower than this.

If you can give me the motor number that will help too........it is located on the driver side of the block near the water pump just below the head.


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