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Long Lost Floater Weasel


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Hi Everyone

Here are some interesting pictures of an old floater weasel in Alaska. It was stripped of engine and suspension. and drug off to a lonely patch of woods and abandoned. I am going to see if I can salvage the float tanks this summer. The bottoms are rusted through badly but still rebuildable. Anyway it was a a nice find to bad it wasn't 45 years ago. But then nobody cared!'






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Interesting to see that it was fitted with the Engine heater kit. There is a trailer load of weasel jewellery that can be removed from that Hull. I did the same thing to an Amphibious Jeep many years ago and I remember that an Axe and Oxy/Acetylene cutting torch made the parts removal job easy. Shame that weasel has already been cannibalised as I am cruising Alaska next year and I was trying to work out how I could get this weasel back onboard without attracting too much attention😀😀 😀


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This weasel is located 70 miles out of Nome Alaska. It is in a very wild area. Lots of bears. I had to cut a trail back to it with a chainsaw quite a distance. It was spooky getting parts off and wondering if I was being watched by a Grizzly bear who might try to make a meal of me. I did have a side arm but working to get parts off and trying to stay alert was challenging at best.


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