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How to transport a M-29C. Newbie questions


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I've purchased a 1945 M-29C from the family of a former coworker.  It's a 600 mile 10.5 hour 2 day trip tentatively scheduled for President's Day weekend, assuming the weather through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas is permitting.  It is located just south of the Oklahoma panhandle in very north Texas.  Lots of 2 lane roads for a couple hours to get there and back. 

I am taking my F-350 and a 2 axle 16 foot trailer rated at 5k lbs.  The photos are below although I can't explain why they present how they are upside down etc.  They aren't like that in the computer file.  The M-29C is a runner.  

I've got a few weeks to get ready for my trip.  Here is my list of things to do and questions.

1.  Remove all accessories and loose items like the fire extinguisher rope etc.  

2.  Take off the top and bows.

3.  Secure the windshield.  Question: Is there a tie down for the windshield for the brush guard on the front?

4.  Question:  How do I secure it to the trailer?  I am thinking to use the pintle in the back as a tie down point.  Also I can likely use straps on the idler wheel trumpets crossed to the front of the trailer.  In the middle I am thinking of running one under the weasel on a middle spring to the side of the trailer...criss-crossed to the opposite side.

5.  Question:  Better to haul facing forwards or backwards?

6.  Question:  How do you do it?  Can people post pictures of how they do it?

How do you do it?  


LTC (ret) Tim


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I picked mine up from the docks 18 months ago, tracks chocked front and rear, ratchet straps on the pintle hook and crisscrossed on the idler wheels and drive wheels and finally the winch cable around the idler wheel arms….didn’t budge an inch!



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To answer a couple of your other questions, there are latches to secure the windshield to the brush guard. Regarding loading as you can see I loaded mine on forwards, the bulkhead of the Weasel is it's centre point so I loaded mine with the centre point just forward of the centre axle of the trailer so the weight was biased toward the hitch


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I have created these to chock the tracks in place.  The bungees with carabiners should keep them from falling off the trailer and hopefully next to the tracks.  The bungees are 2’ so it should go through the gaps of the grousers.  If too long I can always twist to shorten the distance. 




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Congrats Tim!

A Weasel is 2 tons and pulls heavy.  Your F350 will pull it fine, but you will know you have a load back there.  As others have said, remove the top.  I would remove the windshield too just to be safe.

I have straps that I wrap around the front axle and then crisscross with a chain to the front of the trailer.  I do the same on the rear and tighten the chain with a binder.  You need the straps/yoke to keep the wire/strap out of the track.  I generally like @Beepbeep's setup....although I use chains in the rear and I like the lower pulling point of the rear axle trumpets.  I have strapped them from the pintle too....works but when you tighten, you need to crank pretty firmly because you are mostly compressing the springs at that angle.  The springs are kinda soft so make sure you get them tensioned or the machine could bounce. 

Tracked vehicles have low ground pressure and will go over those chocks pretty easily but I get the instinct.  Belts and suspenders!

Looking forward to seeing your machine in action!


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This is how we did it.  It worked pretty well. We did one tighten up along the way of the comealongs.  

The emotional support chocks worked well and the front ones were slightly scrunched after the catastrophic tire explosion and sudden stop along the way.  I had to work to get them removed when I off loaded it by myself.  

The trailer didn’t have stake pockets so we tied off the frame in the front and verticles in the back.  

We did use jackstands when loading near the rear of the trailer which was a good move.  We did have one get stuck under the trailer but we used a Jack and it came off. 

LTC (ret) Tim



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