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New weasel project on the go


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Thank you John, I really enjoy working on her in the evenings when I can. 
how are you getting on with filling your hull up with The OD goodies? Your at the really fun stage no my opinion.

Cool lights. I bet they are as rare as hens teeth. I wonder how they all get mixed up!

cheers, Byron

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Nice job.  You are making me feel like a slacker!😂

Question on the rotisserie - I ended up with a similar design with threaded rod to try and get the hull in balance for easy turning.  I found it very hard to adjust the rod - did you use a jack or anything to remove part of the weight or does this design function as planned?


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A few more little jobs completed.

The Carb has been to peace’s and cleaned all the components, making new gaskets along the way.

The regulator base has been preened and the top crackle blacked. Luckily the guts inside are like new.

the windscreen components are all cleaned, painted and refitted. The wiper motors have been completed dissembled, freed up and bench tested. 3 wiper blades yet to fit. 










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Progress has slowed up a little as I have been waiting on parts to rebuild the engine so I have deviated and  nearly completed the dash and put both front support bogies back together.
I’d forgotten how much grease it took to pack these hubs out with. 






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Hey Guys, I hope your all well! 

Yet again, progress has been slower than I would have expected but I’ve had to send some good time looking for a new car as my old one is terminally ill. It ate the gear box for breakfast.

A few more hull repairs have happened, fabricated and fitted the triangle strips with new steps and hinge loops.

I’ve finally got the engine back together and fitted all the reconditioned ancillaries.

the water pump shaft and bearing is the same as jeep, you just need to Trim one end shorter. 

she runs like a dream and sounds very nice. 
I want to change the thermostat for a cooler 160degree so it opens quicker.

I hope you all have a good Christmas in these weird times

 Cheers, Byron














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15 hours ago, Byron said:

....the amount of plug welds I’m going to need to sand back!

Yes.....I still have a bunch to do as well - not a fun job.  I purchased a handheld belt sander from Harbor Freight...(discount tool store in US) for about $35....takes about a 14"x  3/4" belt.  Fantastic for this job.  I have a small air powered one too....works great just a little narrower and I get tired of hearing the compressor run.


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Hey guys, The last final large chunk dismantled!!

Before heading back to work from our Christmas break I managed to get all 32 bogies pulled, degreased and checked all bearings. I need to change some dust seals but the bearings were in surprisingly great shape! Ready for blast cleaning and painting.




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A lovely package of 4 CAT seals have arrived today. I’m much happier now I have these. 

The rear diff cover removed, cleaned out with petrol, checked bearings and break bands, new gasket made and a spray of oil to keep it all juicy inside. 
Another good job done.

I’ve had NOS bands in stock ready to use from our last weasels but they were not needed again! 






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Looking good. Funny how I’m beginning to recognize different parts. I’ve only been at this about a year now. My bogies rolled nice for me I didn’t take them out to inspect. Everything filled with grease.  For now I didn’t want to deal with the seals. After looking at return roller seal damage from my spare parts I’m having second thought. I think we will take a set apart and see what they look like. 

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Well that was a messy job and big on the grease consumption, I ended up using a paint scraper to level with grease in the hubs. They spin beautifully though with the new Timkens

 Expensive and hard to find CAT seals in action! I bought their stock to keep in the stores for a future weasel. 

Have a good weekend guys



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