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  1. Hi Will, it’s taken me 6 months to complete this weasel....... but is it finished..... debatable as I’m still having teething issues now. Radiator had a melt down and decided it had had enough, it cracked last weekend. Previous to that, the fuel pump pipe inside the fuel tank decided to collapse. All these things are 70+ years old and after being put under use after sitting around for a long time they are starting to show their age. the rubber tracks are great. I am making a TM manual on how to fit them just for fun. I’ll post shortly.
  2. Hi Patric, water pumps are Available but they are quite expensive. We bought a spare after we were having troubles with our pump. Believe it or not the repair kit was 2/3rds of the price of an entire new pump.... it made No sense
  3. I’m really keen to know your thermostat outcome John when youve tried it.
  4. Also Patric, your rad doesn’t have the whole for the winch shaft. This won’t be a problem if your not going to have tanks. John needed this whole for his winch
  5. Brilliant work Patric. I love learning all the time with these things and your pictures are very detailed for other people to work off. My last weasel had reinforced tillers and I was happy to leave it. This weasel I have nearly finnished does not. To be honest, I have to apply very little pressure to make the weasel turn nicely. I found using only two fingers means I don't pull too hard and make the weasel snatch into a corner. Light pressure and I feel those bands start to grip. Throwing the weasel into a corner doesn’t feel nice as I’ve experienced recently.
  6. Good question, to be honest, the price for the complete length was only £42 and I was happy to make mine fit as one peace. This also told me that both external stubs were straight and lined up together with how nicely it went through as a tolerance fit. I completely agree with you, if it bends in the middle of the weasel...... we hit a tree smack on.
  7. Hans Louis in Belgium. They are available if you want them. It comes as a full kit
  8. Thank you for posting this. This is the first time i have ever seen these in action. I like the idea. I bet these are rare
  9. Thanks mate. I tried lots of fault finding and it was the condenser was loose in the retaining clip. After I found this it sorted the problem with no hesitation.
  10. Today has been a success 👍 The engine Miss was due to an aftermarket condenser being a very loose fit in the holder that secures it to the dissy base plate. The book clearly states it needs to all be clean for a good ground. After making sure the condenser was a tight fit in the holder, the engine purrs like a kitten. It did take a few process of elimination tests before we got to this. Another 15 miles completed today around our local area including down to Brixham breakwater slipway. This was one of the largest slipways purposely built in 1943 to accommodate 3 LST’s for loading and unloading ready for Operation Overlord. A house at the top of the slope down to the slip way was taken down to get the heavier vehicles around the tight bend. The B&W Picture is of Brixham slip during the war. Taking Mum out in the weasel really made her Mother’s Day, she loves it The next trip will be Slapton Sands where operation Tiger was carried out to get a picture next to the Sherman tank memorial. A few more jobs completed including changing the thermostat from a 180f to a 160f, fitting some more data plates and another full grease. I want to do a few more miles before fitting the last Center plate to enable easy adjustments. We are looking forward to fitting the new seat covers and bases from Allied Forces Jim Clark Hope you’ve all had a good weekend IMG_4057.MP4
  11. They are interesting John. This weasel or the last two didn’t have these. If I’m honest, I don’t even know how they work. thanks for sharing
  12. Thank you Patric for your thoughts. Well without reading your post first, I’ve gone and change the coil first...... whoops. Put it like this, if the coil doesn’t fix the Miss, I’ll be coming straight back to the condenser. In my opinion it’s either the coil or the condenser. im enjoying you videos. I can’t wait to see paint on your beast
  13. I don’t think so, would you mind showing me a picture of what they look like please John. And how do they work please?
  14. Super happy to be posting these videos. The weasel ran amazing for her first main test run. She’s had a couple of backward and forward shunts on the drive previously but after that it was time to hit the open road with a tow vehicle behind following. (Dad) Peter Kay She ran amazingly for the first 9 miles but for the final mile, she was missing terribly and I decided to get toed back the rest of the journey rather that to do any damage to the engine. She drove straight and turned with little effort. After getting home I had a good check round. No oil leaks, no water leaks and the tracks kept their tension. Compression tested each bore ranging from 125psi to 145psi The engine ran at a constant temperature of 180 Oil pressure at 15psi on idle and 40psi when driving. I believe I’ve found the problem last night why she was missing so badly:- I took the dizzy cap off and turned the engine over with the ignition on. We are getting a spark between the points maybe once in every 3 turns of the dizzy. I think either the coil or condenser is breaking down. Any thoughts please? I’m also proud to say mum did 1 mile of driving on country roads 💪👍 I still have a few more jobs on her until I’m completely satisfied. The stencils and canvas will be a nice summer day job with dad and a cold beer A small peace of history:- Those two concrete tracks I’m driving on were laid for the 10th armoured division where they were based ready to deploy for the Normandy invasion. IMG_4013.MP4 IMG_4012.MP4
  15. Thanks Fred. Yes, I believe those sub axels pivot tubes are known for bending when hitting bums hard. When one is bent, the weasel will forever pull to one side so you will need to keep straightening up the weasel by pulling on a tiller. How annoying! as you may know, I am running the Staman tracks, and these need to be run super tight as the centre track guides are half the height of the originals so the tracks are more likely to come off. By running the tracks tighter, reduces this risk. hitting a bump with the tighter tracks is more likely to bend those stub axels. father previously had a bent stub axle on his old weasel and it wouldn’t steer a straight line. Doug is also going through this problem currently both are/were running Staman tracks.
  16. Great work John. You’ve mentioned a couple of interesting points there, my weasel has a 190 thermostat in her and I think she’s getting too hot to. I’ve ordered a 160. Any ideas how your going to lower the thermostat into the head some more? I also had the problem, when draining all the water from the engine 4-5 times on the engine stand due to the problem with the water pump. The head obviously had an air lock and the engine got super hot before the thermostat would open for the first time each time I emptied the water. Father mentioned it may be an idea to drill a small whole in the thermostat to let just a small amount of water through so the air pocket gets filled each time I empty the water. What’s your thoughts? Did you encounter this? I also went for a semi gloss OD, just for easier maintenance and less scratch resistant.
  17. Your doing a great job Patric! I enjoyed your pioneer compass video the other day. Some interesting facts in there. Thank you
  18. Thank you for you kind words 👍
  19. Last night wasn’t so productive. I caused more damage than good by breaking the tap off the bottom of the Radiator. I was test fitting the rad and cowling for the second time after having a new cowling made. All painted up and bolted in well. When trying to fit the bottom radiator drain hose, she come clean off in my hands.... whoops! Looking at the break in the solder, I wouldn’t think much was holing it on of the original solder. I would like to thank Doug Mac McCarthy for lending me his cowling so I could have one reproduced. 🍻without it, we would have been stuck! On a positive note :- Another little adaptation to the weasel was fitting a solid bar right through both front stub axles as a tolerance fit. This should help to prevent either side bending and also ensured me that they are both still straight so I know she won’t pull to one side when driving her. I hope you all have a better day
  20. John....... I did exactly the same thing! My push starter button wouldn’t engage. I was puzzled for at least half an hour until I realised the solenoid had two positive feeds going into it and decided it needed an earth. Move it from the battery to the armature post and broombroom I was away
  21. Another very productive weekend with Lots of jobs inside the hull completed. I have to say she’s been a dream to work on. I keep thinking to myself, “ what am I forgetting” this seems to be going together too straight forward.... Radiator support Pannel’s fitted. Tillers dropped in with no hassle and bolted in. All linkage rods to the main linkage bar and gear box fitted. Regulator bolted in and wired up to the Dynamo. Two engine Pannel’s temporally fitted for wiring routes, fuel line routes and battery cable routes. Fuel tank strapped in with all fixings fitted. Head lamp and side lights fitted and wired. Driver side Pannel dropped in. Main wiring harness laid in and fully connected up to the dash. She turns over!! I expected to scratch more paint putting in the drivers side Pannel. I hope you guys have had a good weekend!
  22. Amazing Patric. I was in two minds about removing the Norwegian stretcher brackets and welding up the trailer socket. I was unsure what to do. I’ve kept them thinking it’s not factory, but it’s real history of what happened to them. If you want pictures of the tabs I’m happy to send some
  23. Your a brave man taking her for a swim. Your at the fun stages of fitting all the nice parts. Well done
  24. Blimey, I wonder how that one broke John, they are quite sturdy little brackets. I’m pleased you’ve got it sorted. What’s next with the old girl?
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