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  1. Looking great John, brilliant to see your work! Byron
  2. Recently it’s been complete disassembly of the engine to be machined, a good thorougher clean and now to start reassemble.
  3. Well done Fred, I’ll look forward to seeing some pictures. The bushes are made, fitted and all painted up. I’ve yet to post some pictures on my restoration thead Beater with a heater... I like that!! wow, I love the fact you use yours for exploring too, that sounds fun!
  4. A few more little jobs completed. The Carb has been to peace’s and cleaned all the components, making new gaskets along the way. The regulator base has been preened and the top crackle blacked. Luckily the guts inside are like new. the windscreen components are all cleaned, painted and refitted. The wiper motors have been completed dissembled, freed up and bench tested. 3 wiper blades yet to fit.
  5. Thank you Fred for the tip. I wish I had known that before. I’ve turned some up in the lathe now. Thank you for your knowledge though, hopefully other guys will read this and use that information. how far through are you with your restoration? cheers, Byron
  6. Thank you Patric, it functions without a Jack. I’m using a decent threaded bar with a decent size spanner though. It will be brilliant for the painting whe the welding is all done.
  7. Thank you Again Jesse. I will try that! Yes it was the screw in plug I was trying to describe. I couldn’t find it in the parts manual.
  8. Brilliant, thank you Jesse for the photo. Does the piping get cut where it hooks into the side of the hull? I was wondering if yours is the same as Johns i don’t think I fitted the part on my last weasel.... whoops. I have the clamping plates this time so I’ll look forward to doing this.
  9. A good rotary jig for the repairs on the hull, slightly over engineered but this is going to make life super easy. higher and lower option on the threaded bar and obviously full rotation.
  10. It’s been a busy few afternoons on the weasel:- Most of the suspension and bogie parts are blast cleaned and primed A table full of engine ancillary goodies, all stripped, cleaned, tested what I can, primed, top coated.
  11. Hi Dan, thanks for your reply. Can you see these fuel jets have threaded plugs in to block them. They look well made. do you think these should be taken out? cheers, Byron
  12. Great pictures John, I love looking through the other restoration pics. Did the tanks line up ok after all their work?
  13. HI Guys, Manifold question if any one knows the answer. i took the manifold pipes off to clean and the fuel jets have specifically made bungs to block them. I guess this is not correct? I can’t see these in the parts manual. Do I leave them in or take them out? I wanted to get the priming system working. Cheers, Byron
  14. Amazing work, I bet you looking forward to bolting them on. Great pictures of all your work 👌
  15. Thank you John, I really enjoy working on her in the evenings when I can. how are you getting on with filling your hull up with The OD goodies? Your at the really fun stage no my opinion. Cool lights. I bet they are as rare as hens teeth. I wonder how they all get mixed up! cheers, Byron
  16. This afternoon was a success getting the seized stater Motor stripped, cleaned and working. A wire had also broken off in the solenoid which needed soldering back. Ready for som paint 🎨 IMG_2322.MOV
  17. A few nice jobs done over the past couple of days. I Blast cleaned the hull, curtesy of Our Family company, K Blasting, a couple weeks ago now and it’s a bit worse than we were expecting. But hey.... not as bad as the last weasel! Ready for welding. I was surprised to see 3 different make marker lights on our weasel, Odd but I quite like it. it’ll be nice to make the rest a kit form ready for the Hull. Byron
  18. Thank you John, Once again some amazing work on your behalf! Great attention to detail and what a brilliant idea adding some grease ways. The dust will soon wipe off with a garage rag! I need to get making some bronze bushes in that case..... Actually..... that little job will be passed on to Dad. I couldn’t manage to find a picture of the Engine hood anywhere, I looked right through the manual and parts manual to see if I could see it in the back ground of one of the pictures. Two Questions Answered, Thank you Patric and John 👍 cheers, Byron
  19. Thank you John, I’d really appreciate that!
  20. Thanks again Patric. I need to get making some bushes. I’ll have a look back through Johns post for pictures cheers, Byron
  21. Thank you Patric for your help. my cast steering block has the same bushes as yours do, only one each side. Do we think this is correct? I was expecting to see a bush in each whole. Then I started to think, have these been made after war to reduce ware So do you think the same peace of gasket material permanently joins the lid to the hull? thanks again, Byron
  22. Hi All, I’ve tried to cross reference to the parts manual but I can’t answer my own questions. I would appreciate some knowledge. 1. Should the tiller cast bracket have bronze bushes for the tiller bar and the hi/low range leaver? 4 in total? 2. In the picture, These extra plates that are riveted to the engine lid have canvas sandwich between. Are these correct? If so, shout it be 1”x1/4” felt or the canvas piping? Should they be riveted? Any pictures would be most helpful. I don’t remember these on the last weasel. thanks in advance Byron
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