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  1. This explains a lot about the French hahaha
  2. Of all the companies making repro M29 Canvas, specifically the seat cushions. Whos are considered the best and why? as its getting the that point in my restoration!
  3. So speaking of the later model electric fuel pump, I often hear of members replacing this in tank model with a late 1970's Cadillac part. Does anyone have this part number? and does it require an modification in the replacement process?
  4. This might be quite elementary for most, and I've read the manual but still fail to understand. How is the belt removed from the water pump and crank? I've removed the one from the generator, unbolted the fan and loosened the " jam nut" but I still cant relive the tension to remove the belt. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Could some please provide a modern auto parts store part number for new replacement belts.
  5. Hey Patrick just watched your most recent video with the insulation tab install and paint prep, and noticed you like may others have rebuilt your "bomb box" I've researched this a lot and would love the help of the community here. What was in the "Bomb Box"? TNT blocks? sticks of dynamite? and how did it work? did you have to remove and set the charges? was it activated by some control in the vehicle?
  6. now has any one seen originals or know if they are black or green rubber?
  7. So I don’t know about the T15 but in the M29 parts manual they show a torpedo style bicycle grip with finger grooves however it doesn’t specify if they are black or green
  8. I live in the bay area and will soon be removing a decent set of usable French tracks if you’re interested?
  9. Thank you! I greatly appreciate your work with this! and my deepest apologies but I forgot to include my body tag as well
  10. thank you Patrick just reached out to him now.
  11. Well I know a total of 15,123 Weasels were produced and I believe they serialized them sequentially so 15,037 might be the oldest surviving at this point!
  12. Looking for an M29 Grill/brush guard to purchase and not concerned if its a repro or original.
  13. Id like to add my Weasel to the list USA 40199509 Ser # 14361
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