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Please add Hull number M29C 2327 to list, no S/N , No military number.

Location Wiarton, Ontario Canada.

Was modified with a 1951 Chev engine and 2 speed tranny.

No float tanks or float accessories. 15" tracks

Owned since 2010,

Previous owner got it in Nevada.


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Hi all,

I have just bought a weasel and am trying to date it. The data plate behind the driver's seat unfortunately has no numbers on it 😞 but it does have a tag next to the data plate with UST-24-1069 on it.

Any ideas on what year it may be or anywhere else I can look on the body for any other numbers?


Thanks, Charlotte


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Hi Aron,


You're Weasel is already in the list.
In my next update your engine numbers are added, although these are the casting numbers I assume.
The engine number is starting with T24 xxxxx and can be found on the boss, drivers side of the engine near the water pump.

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@jwred13 Missing data plates are a pain but if you carefully rub back the side of your hull using the dimensions I have marked in ink pen on my hull side, that will give you the general vicinity where to rub. From there if you are fortunate enough to find a USA number, Jim Gilmore might be able to help identify the hull and ORD numbers for you.

The 896 dimension is measured from an imaginary line drawn down the side of the front of the hull where there are either tapped threads or bolts that were used to bolt on the front float tank. 863mm = 33.9763Inches and 100mm is close enough to 4inches in the old measurement. Hope this helps.


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